Lately it seems like I can’t remember anything…well not lately but over the last few years really. Some could blame it on having a baby but my memory loss (dare I actually call it that) began years ago. I have a hunch this happens to a lot of us as we get older.

What I find so telling though is that I can recall nearly all of the first 24 hours when I met my husband for the first time. I remember he was wearing a navy blue tshirt and I recall thinking how he had really hairy forearms. I remember the first moment we met (he interrupted a conversation I was having with my sisters coworker about abortion – yes intense convo). I remember discussing Greece with him and investment banking. I remember every detail of the night (and morning). I could go on and list them but I confidently know them.

I also recall every detail of the 36 hours of labor waiting for Lil B to be born.

I remember the 65th celebratory dinner my mother put together for my Dads birthday and our close family friends.

I remember the entire weekend of my sisters wedding.

I also remember phone conversations with girlfriends and old friends helping me through to the next step in my life.

What I find so fascinating and really more of a realization than anything – is that – the memories of the most important times that make up my life are forever with me. It is not that I am losing my memory, but the priorities and the clarity of what is truly meaningful to me is everlasting. The etchings of those moments get deeper and stronger with time. The shining moments that show me what is important in life.

I know that if my life happened to flash before me, I would know all these memories like the back of my hand because I recall them so often – these wonderful wonderful memories of family, of friends, of love…and really nothing else matters.

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