Today was an awesome day. Although I felt nauseous most of it – the afternoon made up for it.

Aunt GZ and her new friend came up to visit and we had banana pancakes with fresh berries this morning for breakfast.

Then it was off to the beach with the while family. Lil B has been talking about going to the beach for more than two weeks. Needless to say, he was very excited. We’ve got our beach routine down now; 4 chairs, tent, cooler and one bag for all of toys and towels and clothes and diapers.

The weather was perfect today – 71 degrees. Warm without breaking a sweat and what can beat the added bonus of a cool salty breeze? Nothing I tell you, nothing.

Daddy and B spent a lot of time on the beach while I napped myself out of nausea coma (no, I’m not pregnant). By the afternoon I was feeling much better to play ball on the beach with B. daddy and B spent time exploring the lifeguard tower and everything but the beach, they did spend quite a while holding hands standing in the shallowest part of the water staring out at the sea.

B, you are so much fun and so happy. You love to say hello to everyone. Two really hot 20-year olds couldn’t stop saying how cute you are. And you wanted to play ball with everyone. You are truly so amazing and such a joy to be with. After the beach you conked out in the car and then continued your nap at home. When you woke, you were so happy, smiling and saying the alphabet. The. We danced while signing the alphabet – it was really amazingly special for me. Today you have so many hugs and so many kisses. It was wonderful. I love you so much.

Here are some pics from today:






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