This past weekend we took Lil B to Chuck E Cheese’s for the first time. Come to find out, Daddy had never been and looked more excited than Lil B.


It was so much fun and it was so spontaneous. Lil B was fearless to try every electronic ride but when actually on the ride – hated it. As seen below screaming.


But he loved playing basketball and going video game fishing with Daddy. So we will most likely stick to Mother Nature versus the manmade kind.



Tonight Lil B asked to wear a T-shirt to bed and he also nearly put on his shorts by himself. He wanted to do it all by himself. He is just so much fun to be with.

Yesterday, when we picked him up from daycare he had fallen in the bushes and had scrapes on his face. He has become somewhat obsessed with band aids even for booboos he doesn’t have.


He continues to love all sorts of foods. Tonight he said “I wannoo try dis.” (Translation: I want to try this). “It” was a yellow heirloom tomato. Seen below is Lil B eating blueberries, cottage cheese, honey and cinnamon. Oh and don’t forget the banana – this was the first day in probably six months the little man has gone without a banana. You’d think they were his best friends.


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