Dear Ann Taylor,

I am hoping this message gets seen by the right person(s). I am a longtime customer of Ann Taylor and the LOFT. I love spending money with your organization because as a woman I feel it represents me and the woman I want to be in my professional and personal life.

With that said, a recent email was sent promoting a flash sale (I love these by the way) on Monday with one day to shop. I was so excited and knew the sale was ending last night. After a long day of work, making dinner for my family, bathing and putting my sick baby to bed I finally had a chance to sit down on my couch to shop.

I spent 3 hours on your site from my iPad. When I finally got to check out at 9p PST the FLASH60 code said it had expired…but yet…in true Ann Taylor fashion it still honored my discount code. I was relieved. As I proceeded to checkout, the form was unresponsive to my iPad. I could not fill out the form and wound up spending another hour trying to fill it out.

Brokenhearted, sad and frustrated….I retreated from my iPad….gave one last stare at the 22 items in my cart that I was unable to purchase and gave up the dreams of seeing these beauties hanging in my closet. I wanted so badly to get on another device and checkout, but I did not have the luxury of time on my hands.

And that brings me to my point…I love your brand and usually it is pretty easy for me to take advantage of shopping online but your mobile presence, functionality and user experience are lacking severely. You might be saying, “you should have logged in to the site when you started” or “downloaded our app” (I don’t even know if you have one). In truth, these things don’t matter, but my customer experience does to your bottom line. I can forgive the small pagination navigation, because overall it is an okay shopping experience from a mobile device, but when I get to checkout and you’ve closed the gate on my purchase – that hurts my feelings, makes me feel frustrated and adds a tiny bit of hate in my heart for not letting me play nicely with you. You made me feel like I wasn’t allowed to purchase from you.

I’m sending this letter because I want Ann Inc to do something about this. In this day and age in technology, I’m surprised a technology forward company such as Ann Inc doesn’t have all of their sites optimized for the customer experience across all devices.

Please let me know this is a priority. My husband sends a big thank you for keeping the $500 in our bank account, but I don’t. I’m very unhappy and disappointed.



——————————– UPDATE 01/05/15 —————————————

Within days of this post, Ann Taylor reached out and had a service representative honor my discount.  And I must report in the last year their mobile shopping has become delightful and easy to use. Thank you Ann Taylor. I’m a lifer.


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